Observació en directe del pas de l'asteròid 2012-DA, avui 15/02/2013, mitjançant els enllaços facilitats per TPS i NASA (JPL)

PlanetCast: Live Coverage of the Encounter With Asteroid 2012 DA14

Join Planetary Society Director of Projects Bruce Betts for live webcast coverage of the encounter with Asteroid 2012 DA14. This 45-meter asteroid will pass within 27,000 kilometers of Earth. Also on hand will be the host of Planetary Radio, Mat Kaplan.

Friday, February 15, 2013
11:15am to at least 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time / 1930 to 2000 UTC
Go to : http://planetary.org/planetcast

You'll see:

Live telescope feeds from around the world (*courtesy of JPL)
A video tour of La Sagra Observatory in Spain, where 2012 DA14 was discovered with a camera provided by the Planetary Society
A live conversation with co-discoverer Jaime Nomen at La Sagra (subject to his availability)
Just possibly a surprise guest!
Bruce will also answer your questions about this and other Near Earth Objects (NEO) as he explains how the Planetary Society backs efforts to detect, track and eventually deflect NEOs that threaten our planet. It may be the biggest show in space this year.
Don't miss it!


The Planetary Society Staff

* Note: Telescope feeds provided by JPL will be dependent on weather conditions from the various observatories throughout the world.